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25 Mar 2024

Knowledge and practices related to antibiotics among poultry producers and veterinarians in two Indian states

Chickens at the Ganeshguru livestock market, Guhawati, India

Antibiotics are frequently utilized in livestock, particularly poultry, for therapy and growth promotion, resulting in antimicrobial resistance. Multidrug-resistant bacteria are frequent in poultry samples from India. The purpose of this study was to better understand main antibiotic consumption patterns in poultry value chains, as well as antibiotic knowledge and practices among the stakeholders.

28 Nov 2023

Modelling of antibiotic resistance in aquatic systems: a useful tool to protect human and ecosystem health

Collecting water for household use near Chilhar, Tharparkar, Sind, Pakistan

Scientists at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) are working with research partners on modelling of water quality to understand how antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes are transmitted in water systems. In this article, IWMI researchers Mahesh Jampani and Javier Mateo-Sagasta discuss how water quality modelling can help tackle the threat of antibiotic resistance.