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19 Mar 2019

Addressing the challenges of antimicrobial resistance: An interview with Jonathan Wadsworth

Dr Jonathan Wadsworth, a livestock scientist by training, has spent most of his career working to develop and disseminate innovative agricultural technologies in low and middle-income countries through vocational education and training, research, extension and technology transfer. He has designed and implemented agriculture for research development projects across the globe and as Senior Agricultural Research Advisor of DFID was closely engaged with CGIAR funding and reform. As Executive Secretary of the CGIAR Fund Council at the World Bank

13 Mar 2019

Drug resistance could make millions of people poorer

'About 28 million people could fall into extreme poverty by 2050 if high antimicrobial resistance is not addressed. 'Antimicrobial resistance occurs when medicines for controlling infections caused by germs such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites are no longer effective.

4 Feb 2019

Workshop in Bangladesh: "Aquaculture and AMR – a One Health challenge"

WorldFish is organising a second two-day high or policy level workshop entitled “Aquaculture and AMR – a one health challenge” will be held in Dhaka city, Bangladesh, February 2019. The workshop aims to disseminate and discuss relevant lessons from these projects and to develop priorities for future work and interventions.