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Written by Jérôme Delamare-Deboutteville


[Photo by Heba el-Begawi]

WorldFish is organising a second two-day high or policy level workshop entitled “Aquaculture and AMR – a one health challenge” will be held in Dhaka city, Bangladesh, February 2019. The workshop follows on from two UK-funded research projects on the microbial dynamics of disease within Bangladeshi aquaculture and on the disease management practices on farms and in hatcheries. It also precedes the development of Reference Laboratory capacity within CEFAS and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in the UK and a pilot project on engaging with farmers on AMR. The workshop aims to disseminate and discuss relevant lessons from these projects and to develop priorities for future work and interventions.

The key aims of this workshop are:

  • To share and develop a greater understanding of the key practices, disease issues and drivers of resistance risks within Bangladesh and within Bangladeshi aquaculture. 
  • To discuss the utilisation of this knowledge in any public/farmer campaign aiming to raise AMR awareness.
  • To identify data needs and approaches for future characterisation of AMR issues in Bangladeshi aquaculture.

The workshop will bring a range of participants, including representatives from FAO, WHO, the Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh One Health Secretariat, farmers, shopkeepers, commercial sales, hatcheries etc. The workshop will be followed by a short summary report and a series of recommendations for the Bangladesh National Action Plan (NAP) on One Health approach to AMR.