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Industrial and trade landscape of antibiotic manufacturing in India (Led by IFPRI)

The study profiles the industrial and trade landscape of antibiotic manufacturing in India in the context of AMR. It is the first attempt to create a database at the disaggregate level for antibiotic manufacturing by integrating both production and trade aspects of antibiotics. The dataset created included establishing mapping between the industrial as well as production classifications on one-hand and trade classifications on the other. This helped to create antibiotic categories by trade and industry, not readily available before for India i.e. ONE economic database on Antibiotics. The study highlights important findings for government and statistical agencies to ponder in terms of categorization of Antibiotics in India. The study adds to the evaluation of antimicrobial use underway with the help of indicators such as the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as FSAAI classification of antibiotics.

By integrating the industrial and trade landscape for antibiotics in India.  Our study documents the net availability of antibiotics.  The net availability of most antibiotics has increased over the years. For the latest year of the study, we find that the significant Class is "other antibiotics" followed by "Cephalosporin" and "Antimycobacterials." Penicillin remains in the fourth position for long time.